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Transformers Prime season 2

So I watched Transformers Prime last night and it was the most amazing thing Evar!!!!!!! I made sure that I had the tv last night so no one would bug me about it during the show! I have never acted so much like a fan girl till last night! I was screaming and waving my hands in the air and crying as I watched it!! I really don’t want to give out spoilers but!!! Gaaahh!!! Orion was soooooo Adorable!!!! Soundwave was SUPER Badass!!!! Knockout was just as Awesome!! And Starscream!!! Oh Starscream!!!!!! The other characters were great but didn’t stand out as much, to me anyways. That’s all!!!! So if you haven’t watched it, go onto YouTube and look it up! I just got done watching it again!!!!

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